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Do you have a Senior High School program?

Yes! We recently launched our Senior High School program. 

Watch this video to know more:

What sets Benilde Senior High School apart from other schools?

True to Benilde’s mission to offer innovative and meaningful educational programs, Benilde Senior High School’s tracks are designed to prepare students in their transition to college life through apprenticeship.

Mentored by licensed and industry-practicing teachers who are also master’s degree-holders in an industry-grade environment, students will gain a head start in college through SHS tracks that offer subjects that serve as an introduction to their respective chosen degree programs.

Benilde believes in the holistic formation of students, guided by the Benildean Expressions of the Lasallian Core Values:

  • God-centered
  • With integrity
  • Socially responsible
  • Creative and innovative
  • Appreciative of individual worth 
  • Professionally excellent
  • One with the plight of the poor

What tracks do you offer?

Benilde offers tracks that are directly related to degree programs in Benilde. These are:

1. Academic Track

Accountancy and Business Management

Provides students with fundamentals in International Business Management using modern systems and technologies; this strand is for students who are natural problem-solvers for wealth creation and enterprise.

Choose this strand if you plan to venture into Export Management, Human Resources Management, Computer Applications, or Business Intelligence and Analytics. You can also follow a managerial career path in Culinary Arts, Hospitality Management, or Travel and Tourism Management.

Discover what you will learn if you choose this strand by going to this link:

Accountancy and Business Management Curriculum Guide

General Academic Strand

Leans toward the Humanities and Social Sciences; this exposes students to different perspectives on the structure of society and develops their critical thinking by allowing them to explore opposing ideas while formulating their own.

This strand is for students interested in finding solutions to our political, economic, and social problems on a local, international, and global scale. 

Choose this strand if you plan to pursue a degree in Diplomacy and International Affairs and Governance and Public Affairs.

Discover what you will learn if you choose this strand by going to this link:

General Academic Strand Curriculum Guide

2. Arts and Design

Focuses on visual arts, particularly in digital and media arts; this helps creative students choose a specialization for their college degree program.

This track is for students interested in the creative and artistic processes, from conceptualization to hands-on art-making and art production to post-production and exhibition.

Choose this track if you plan to specialize in Multimedia Arts, Animation, Photography, or Digital Filmmaking.

Discover what you will learn if you choose this track by going to this link:

Arts and Design Curriculum Guide

3. Technical, Vocational, and Livelihood: Home Economics


Anchored on the Culinary Arts program, specializes in NC-II Cookery and NC-III 

Commercial Cookery. Students will learn basic culinary skills to prepare food for various clientele from one person to large groups. They will also learn kitchen management skills, finance and costing, and entrepreneurship.

This strand is for students who have a passion for food, creativity, and hard work. Choose this strand if you plan to enroll in Culinary Arts.

Discover what you will learn if you choose this strand by going to this link:

TVL- Culinary Curriculum Guide

TVL-Hospitality Management

Specializes in Food and Beverage Services (NC II), Front Office Services (NC II), and Tourism Promotions Services (NC II). The program integrates theory and practice to provide students with a strong service orientation and a global perspective on hotel and restaurant operations.

This strand is for students who aspire to become professionals in the hospitality industry, intending to work in or manage hotels, restaurants, and catering companies.

Choose this strand if you plan to pursue a degree in Hospitality Management.

Discover what you will learn if you choose this strand by going to this link:

TVL Hospitality Management Curriculum Guide

TVL-Tourism Management

Specializes in Attractions and Theme Parks (NC II), Tourism Promotion Services (NC II), and Travel Services (NC II). The program focuses on the social, cultural, and economic phenomenon that involves the movement of people from one place to another, for whatever reason it serves them.

This strand is ideal for students who seek adventure through interacting with people, observing places of attraction, and translating every experience into a product that will interest travelers from all over the world.

Choose this strand if you wish to embark on a career in Travel and Tourism Management.

Discover what you will learn if you choose this strand by going to this link:

TVL- Tourism Management Curriculum Guide

Do I get the equivalent TESDA certifications after finishing strands under the Technical-Vocational and Livelihood track? 

No, but you can get the national certification issued by TESDA if you pass their competency-based assessment. The TVL track of Benilde is aligned with the standard set by the Department of Education and TESDA.  

Can I already work after finishing a strand under the Technical-Vocational and Livelihood track?

Yes. Graduates from the TVL track can immediately apply for a job, start their own business, or go to college to further their education and get a baccalaureate degree/diploma. 

TVL is one of the tracks offered in Senior High School under the K-12 Basic Education Curriculum designed to equip students with job-ready skills that they can use for employment.

Can I switch to a different track or strand?

Yes. You can shift to a different track after your 1st term of stay in Benilde Senior High School.  

What is the typical class schedule for SHS? 

The school calendar follows a trimestral schedule like our college programs. Typically, one trimester comprises 14 weeks or 80 hours per subject. 

You can view the subjects that you will take every term in the curriculum guides:

What are the credentials of your Senior High School teachers?

Teachers in our Senior High School program are the same teachers from our College programs. They are licensed, master’s degree graduates, and industry-practicing professionals. This profile makes our apprenticeship in SHS a balance of theory and practice.

What is the grading system used in Benilde Senior High School?

As prescribed by the Department of Education on the grading system for Senior High School programs, students will be assessed based on performance tasks.

The minimum grade needed to pass a specific learning area is 60, which is transmuted to 75 in the report card. The lowest mark that can appear on the report card is 65 and the highest is 100.

Are there extracurricular activities?

Yes. The extracurricular activities given to SHS students are meant to enhance their program-specific learning experience and formation to become productive Benildean-Lasallian individuals in their chosen field and industry.

Official activities will be included in the tuition and a duly-signed waiver from the parents or guardian will be required.

What are the support services for students?

As Benilde SHS students, you will enjoy the same academic and student services as our college students. In line with the ongoing online classes, the following services are available:

  • Online academic support from your teachers, adviser, or principal
  • Access to Br.Fidelis Leddy Learning Resource Center (LRC) Virtual Library for online collection and digital reference services
  • Online well-being services from our Benilde Well-Being Center (BWC) with programs like telepsychology
  • Online support for students with specific educational needs and other physical and sensorial disabilities provided by our Center for Inclusive Education (CIE)
  • Online technical support for password and access concerns from our Digital Technology Office (DTO)
  • Online technical support and assistance for issues in using BigSky Benilde from our Center for Educational Technology (CET)
  • Online intellectual property support services from our Intellectual Property Management Center (IPMC)

Is there a “no homework on weekends” policy?

With the current fully online class modality, there will be instances that you might need to do homework on weekends. In SHS, there are more performance tasks to be taken. But in general, whether you work on assignments on weekends or not depends on how you will manage your time.

Is there a school uniform for Senior High?

Right now, Benilde SHS does not prescribe a uniform. Once face-to-face classes resume, consultation with Benilde SHS stakeholders will be held to decide on this matter. However, depending on your subject requirements, your teacher may require you to wear corporate/executive attire or other subject-specific uniforms for some synchronous sessions (classes where all students are required to attend at a scheduled time). 

You must also wear appropriate attire and observe the General Dress Code Policy on campus and during synchronous online classes. Your clothing should not bear any images or text that are offensive, overly revealing, or if sleeveless, shoulder straps should be at least an inch thick.

Is there a school bus service?

Unfortunately, we do not have an official school bus service. The campuses, however, are accessible to major routes of public transportation.

Will I be automatically accepted to a college program in Benilde after graduating from Benilde Senior High School?

It depends on your General Weighted Average (GWA). Benilde SHS students who can maintain a GWA of at least 85% will be automatically accepted to undergraduate programs with board examinations (e.g. BS Architecture) and at least 80% for programs that don’t have board exams.

Will SHS students be allowed to use the college facilities?

Yes. To immerse students in real-world experiences, SHS students will also have access to our state-of-the-art and up-to-date facilities that emulate industry practices and scenarios.

What campus spaces can SHS students access?

When face-to-face classes resume, Benilde SHS classes will be held mainly in the Mutien-Marie Hall of Taft Campus. Laboratory classes, however, will be held in various facilities on different campuses of Benilde.

Benilde SHS students can also access the learning commons, library, cafeteria, and other common areas on the campus.

Will SHS students be mixed with college students in class?

Classes held for Benilde SHS subjects are exclusively for SHS students. SHS students will not be mixed with college students since they have different curriculums mandated by their educational agencies, namely the Department of Education for SHS and the Commission on Higher Education for college programs. However, they will share the same common areas and facilities as the college students.

I’m a Grade 11 student from another school; can I transfer to Benilde SHS for Grade 12?

Benilde Senior High School only accepts Grade 11 applicants. Our curriculum is designed to be taken as a whole Senior High School program. 

I’m an international student; can I enroll in Benilde Senior High School?

We’re not yet accepting international students for Benilde SHS.

How much is the tuition fee?

Here are the approximate* tuition fee, miscellaneous, and other fees for AY 2022-2023 for Benilde Senior High School:


Grade 11

Grade 12


Php 120,000.00

Php 120,000.00

Miscellaneous and other fees

Php 18,047.00

Php 16,395.00

Total (for the whole school year)

Php 138,047.00

Php 136,395.00

*Cost may change without prior notice. The final computation of fees is given upon enrollment.

What are the payment term options?

For Senior High School, tuition and other fees can be paid on a yearly, per-trimester, or monthly basis. Note that final fee computations are given upon enrollment. 

Are there scholarships for Benilde SHS?

Benilde has different types of scholarships and grants for undergraduate students. Right now, there are no scholarships and grants yet for SHS students.

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