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All our activities are online. When attending CSBLIFE activities, make sure that you use your Benilde Gmail Account ( when entering platforms like Zoom and Google Meet

Can I attend two simultaneous CSBLIFE activities?

No, choose only one activity that you’ll attend. Your full participation and attendance are expected when attending a CSBLIFE activity. Attending two activities at the same time will void your attendance to both activities.

I was late in attending a CSBLIFE activity; will my attendance still be credited?

No, you are required to attend on time and for the whole duration of the event for your attendance to be counted.

How will I know if my participation has been credited?

The CSBLIFE activity organizers will forward the attendance report to your CSBLIFE teacher. You can ask your teacher to check if your name is included in the report. Take note that if you were late for the activity or if you left the activity when it’s not yet done, then your attendance will not be credited

You can still catch up by attending other accredited CSBLIFE activities but make sure that you fully participate this time to avoid this from happening again.

My name was not on the list of participants even if I attended the event. What should I do?

If you registered for an activity, attended on time, and finished the whole session – but you don’t see your name in the attendance report, contact the activity organizer. 

You can view their contact information when you view the details of a CSBLIFE activity.

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