Apply for a Leave of Absence (LOA)

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Apply for a Leave of Absence (LOA)

If you plan to take a break from your studies and pause enrolling for the upcoming term, file for a Leave of Absence by following these steps:

  1. Fill out the Leave of Absence (LOA) Form.
  2. Secure your clearances and accountabilities listed in the form (for example,approval by your Academic Adviser, clearance from the Benilde Well-being Center).
  3. Once you have received their approval and signatures, submit the form to the Office of the Registrar(RO) on this link. You can submit this until the second week of classes.
  4. The form is only accepting responses during the schedule set for LOA application. You can check the schedule in the calendar of activities.
  • If you have pre-enrolled subjects, make sure to apply for LOA before classes start so you won’t have to pay the 25% (first week) or 50% (second week) dropping fee. The terms you’re on LOA or AWOL are still counted towards your Maximum Residency Period.
  • If you’re already on LOA and want to extend it, you can fill out and submit the Extension of Leave of Absence Form to the RO.
  • International students who plan to apply for LOA will also apply for the downgrading of their student visa. This is processed by the Compliance and Liaison Officer under the RO.
  • For health and safety reasons, if you are pregnant, you will need to file for LOA in the terms you are expected to give birth and go through the required recovery period.
  • Note that if you don’t file for LOA, you will be considered to be on absence without leave (AWOL). This means that when you go back and enroll again, you’ll be paying a returning and reactivation fee. The College has the right to refuse readmission for students who have gone AWOL. 
  • If you’re a new student or a transferee, you will not file for LOA. You will withdraw your enrollment instead.

If you have additional questions , you may email your Records Associate.

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