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Are you a Filipino citizen? If yes, then you are required to take NSTP as mandated by Republic Act No. 9163.

I’m an International Student; do I have to take NSTP?

No, you don’t have to take NSTP. Instead, you will undergo a Community Service Program with the Center for Social Action.

I’m a transferee, and I already took NSTP in my previous school; do I have to retake NSTP?

No, you don’t have to retake NSTP if you have already completed these courses in your previous school. If you completed these courses, your school would have given you an NSTP serial number included in your school records when you transfer to Benilde. If you have these records, your previous NSTP courses will be credited.

However, if you don’t have these serial numbers, you will need to retake NSTP. Talk to your school registrar from your previous school to get this.

If your previous NSTP courses were credited, you just need to go through a Community Service Program in Benilde. 

What is a Community Service Program? How is it different from NSTP?

The Community Service Program (CSP) is different from NSTP. NSTP is a required course to be taken by all Filipino students. CSP, on the other hand, is a social formation and community engagement program in Benilde. In CSP, students apply their academic degrees to address the specific needs of partner communities. 

CSP is required to be taken by:

  • International students who are not covered by RA 9163, also known as the NSTP Act of 2011 
  • Transferees who had taken their NSTP-01 and NSTP-02 in their previous school 

In summary, if you’re a Filipino citizen, you will take NSTP-01 and NSTP-02. You won’t need to take the Community Service Program.

If you’re an international student or a transferee who has already taken NSTP-01 and NSTP-02 from your previous school, you will go through the Community Service Program. You won’t need to take NSTP.


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