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Admission Guidelines and Requirements

Who can apply as an incoming First Year College including BASAP, DEAF and International Applicant?

Grade 12 Senior High School student and graduate are eligible to proceed to college  who have not enrolled in tertiary education in the Philippines or abroad. 

  • Filipino student who passed the Bureau Alternative Learning System (BALS or ALS) Test (equivalent to Grade 12 senior high school). 
  • Non-Filipino and dual citizen first year college applicants including: 
    • International student who graduated in Philippine high schools 
    • Permanent resident with Alien Certificate of Registration 
    • Dual citizen who declares Filipino citizenship 

Who can apply as Transferee BASAP and Deaf Applicant? 

  • Transferee student who wish to transfer to DLS-CSB after enrolling in other colleges or universities. 
  • Working Student refer to those who are at least 19 years old and are engaged in part-time  or full-time work in a company. (applies to BASAP applicants only) 

Non-Filipino Applicants 

  • At the time of application, the applicant must have a valid passport with corresponding tourist visa. Please note that SSP or Tourist Visa holders can only enroll the following term once accepted for processing of visa conversion. 
  • DLS-CSB will provide assistance in the processing of student visas to those who are accepted into Benilde. 
  • Documents submitted to the Center for Admissions from outside of the Philippines must be authenticated or apostille stamped by the Philippine Foreign Service Post.  

Documents in non-English language must have a corresponding English translation. Accepted Non-Filipino students are required to pay International Student Fee and Bond during  the first enrollment in DLS-CSB. The amount is equivalent to one term in DLS-CSB. 

Requirements for First Year College, International, Deaf, and BASAP Applicants: 

  1. Accomplished Application Form Online, please click Applicant’s Consent Verification and Authorization, please click to register
  2. Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Birth Certificate (for Filipino citizens);  

Birth Certificate/Family Register (for non-Filipino citizens) 

  1. Certificate of Good Moral Character issued by the applicant’s school (for applicants who  studied in the Philippines) or Recommendation Letter (for applicants who studied in schools  overseas). 
  2. Download the Benilde Secondary Scholastic Record Form. Submit to the current School  Registrar to accomplish the form then they will email it back to Admission. 
  3. Grade 12 senior high school report card (applies to senior high school graduates ONLY)  G. Certification with the school seal from the registrar stating that the F-137 was not  forwarded to any school here or abroad. (applies to senior high school graduates ONLY) H. Written explanation of what you did after graduation up to the present duly signed  by the applicant and parent. (applies to senior high school graduates ONLY) 
  4. High School Transcript of Records (TOR) officially translated in English and duly  authenticated or apostille stamp by the Philippine Foreign Service Post (PFSP)  

 of the school’s country of origin and Diploma/Certificate of High School Graduation.   (applies to Non-Filipino and Filipino applicants who graduated or studied in schools   overseas) 

  1. Certificate of Employment with compensation (applies to BASAP applicants ONLY) K. Photocopy of the following documents (applies to International applicants including dual  citizens):  
  2. Valid Passport – Bio page and stamp of latest arrival page 
  3. Valid Alien Certificate of Registration Identification Card (ACR-ICard) 
  4. Valid Identification Card for SIRV, SRRV, and PRA Holders 
  5. Identification Certificate or Certificate of Recognition for Dual Citizens & Non-Native   born  
  6. Proof of admission payment (bank payment slip). Be sure to include the name  of the applicant for proper identification.

Requirements for Transferee BASAP and Deaf Applicants: 

  1. Accomplished Application Form Online, please click B. Applicant’s Consent Verification and Authorization, please click to register
  2. Unofficial Transcript of Records with final/computed GWA/GPA (if the GWA/GPA is not  reflected in the TOR, please secure a certification with the GWA/GPA from your Registrar),  remarks for evaluation purposes, and grading system. 
  3. Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Birth Certificate 
  4. Certificate of Good Moral Character 
  5. Photocopy of certificate of employment with compensation  

(applies to BASAP applicants ONLY) 

  1. Transfer Credential or Honorable Dismissal (required ONLY for confirmation of accepted  applicants) 
  2. Proof of admission payment (bank payment slip). Be sure to include the name  of the applicant for proper identification.


STEP 1: Go to the Benilde Admissions Application Page (  to create an account and accomplish the online application form. 

STEP 2: Pay the admission processing fee online: PhP600.00 (for Filipino citizen) and PhP2,500.00   (for Non-Filipino citizen). For Deaf and BASAP applicants PhP200.00. The admission  processing fee in non-refundable. Please register your proof of application payment in  the link below for tagging in our system and to generate an official receipt by the Finance   Department. Non-submission of the proof of payment means no processing of the application   form. 

You can pay the admission processing fee in any of the following banks: 

  1. METROBANK ONLINE BILLS PAYMENT (for metrobank account holder:) 
    • Subscriber Number: Application Number  
    • Bill Reference Number (if req’d): Student’s Name 
  1. BDO Unibank ONLINE BILLS PAYMENT (for BDO account holder:) 
    • Biller Name: DE LA SALLE-COLLEGE OF SAINT BENILDE, INC. Subscriber’s Name: Applicant’s Name 
    • Subscriber’s Account Number: Application Number 
  1. BDO over the counter BILLS PAYMENT. Here are the details: 
    • Company Name: DE LA SALLE-COLLEGE OF SAINT BENILDE, INC Institution Code: 1526 
    • Subscriber’s Name: Applicant’s Name 
    • Subscriber’s Account Number: Application Number 
  1. UNIONBANK over the counter BILLS PAYMENT: 
    • Bank Form to be used: Payment Slip 
    • Client Name: Name of applicant 
    • Reference Number: Application Number 
  1. GCASH Payment – from the GCash App under Pay Bills, click on SCHOOL category then look for  the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. 

The Application Number is found on the accomplished Application Form Online once you submit and/or print it. 

Take a clear photo of the transaction slip and upload it through this link with the following information:

  • Date 
  • Amount 
  • Account number of DLS-CSB 
  • Student name 

STEP 3: Scan the accomplished Online Application Form with signature, PSA birth certificate,   validated passport for foreign applicants ONLY, proof of payment and other requirements   applicable and send via email to with a subject   heading “Application Requirements Submission”. Avoid sending multiple emails, just send   1 email containing all of the requirements. Only those with complete requirements will be   processed. 

STEP 4: You will be notified of your application status result via email or website on or before   March 31, 2022. For BASAP and Deaf results will be on May 31, 2022. 

STEP 5: Accepted and conditionally accepted applicant may confirm his/her degree slot by paying   the reservation fee and submission of the original confirmation/enrollment documents.  

STEP 6: Accomplish the Customer Feedback Link to help us improve our service.

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