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Add or Drop a Course

You can add or drop the courses you enlisted in during the adjustment period. Check the calendar of activities to know when you can do this. Follow these steps:

  1. During enrollment, go to the Student Information System and log in using your Infonet account. 
  2. Click Adjustment Add/Drop from the Menu
  3. Read the Announcement and click Continue.
  4. If you have enlisted, the courses will already show in the course list. You can keep it as is. You can also add or remove courses if you forgot prerequisite subjects that you have to take or if there are courses that you need to retake.
  5. To add a course, click Select Course. Choose the course that you want to take and click Add. You can add courses as long as you don’t exceed the maximum allowable units. If you can’t find the course that you want to add, the course might already be closed. You can view the course offerings for your school to check this. 
  6. To remove a course, click the Delete button in the same row as the course code. You can only delete courses that you enlisted in.
  7. Click OK in the confirmation box if you’re sure that you want to delete the selected course.
  8. If you want to remove a course added during pre-enlistment, click the Drop button. To drop a course, type your reason for doing this in Student Remarks. Click Drop. Wait for your Academic Adviser to approve this. You can click Undo Drop if you change your mind about this.
  9. Click Sign out when finished.

You can still modify your course list while the Adjustment Add/Drop period is ongoing. Once closed, adding or dropping courses is no longer allowed since your Academic Adviser is already reviewing your enrolled courses. You can get in touch with your Academic Adviser to consult this. You can find their name below the enrollment record.

Can’t add or drop a course?

Follow these steps if you’re having problems adding or dropping a course:

  • If you’re accessing the Student Information System on a mobile device, switch to a laptop or desktop computer for a better viewing experience. 
  • Check if it’s already the schedule for adding or dropping courses; this feature is only available during the specified schedule. Changes in enrollment schedule are sent to BMail so always check your Inbox for updates.
  • Check if you have any pending clearance that you have to clear. Settle fees to the Finance Department and get a copy of your receipt by filling out the Official Receipt (OR) Request form or sending proof of your payment to
  • If you can’t log in to your Infonet account, reset your password or contact Helpdesk if you can no longer remember your recovery email address.
  • If you were on LOA or AWOL, go through the process of returning to Benilde. You can start with the enrollment process during the Late Enrollment period if you applied during the late returnee application schedule.
  • If you’re an international student, your Visa, ACR, or passport may have expired already, email
  • If you have already exceeded your maximum retention period, get in touch with your records associate.

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