Hybrid Classroom Support

A. Ingress Guidelines

  1. If necessary, turn on the main switch (labeled as “Main Switch”) found in the teacher’s cockpit.
  2. Turn-on the PC. Locate the black box attached behind the teacher’s main monitor (labeled as Display 1) and push the button on the right side.
  3. Turn on the TVs. You can either press the topmost button on the back of the TV panel or use the included remote control, which is located next to it.

WARNING! Do not change any hardware (e.g., PC, TV, camera, etc.) or software configurations or settings.

B. Presentation Guidelines

  1. Using Display 1 (Main Monitor), open a browser and login to BigSky.
  2. Optionally, you may download your PowerPoint, launch it, and then drag it towards Display 3 (i.e., Wall TV).
  3. Login to Zoom. Drag this towards Display 2 (i.e., the second monitor). This will be shown on the Standing TV as well. 
  4. Record your Zoom meetings to the cloud so that you can log out immediately after class. Cloud recordings will be deleted automatically after 100 days.

C. Group Activity Guidelines

  1. Use appropriate strategies or consider giving short breathers to address virtual meeting or videoconferencing exhaustion (e.g., Zoom fatigue).
  2. Avoid combining F2F students and online participants in group activities.

D. Egress Guidelines

  1. Logout of all your active applications (e.g., BigSky, Zoom, Gmail, etc.) and Infonet accounts.
  2. Execute the “Cancel Target” sign to allow the next user to complete the “Select Target” gesture.
  3. Only the last class should shut down the PC and turn off the TVs and the cockpit’s main switch.

E. OBSBOT Camera Power Gesture Guidelines

The camera will recognize gestures made near your face for around 2 seconds, and then the camera indicator light will turn blue, indicating a successfully performed gesture.

Select Target/Cancel Target (Open Palm):


 Zoom Control (L Sign):

Camera LED Color


Three yellow lights on.

Lost Target.

Middle green light on.

No Locked Target.

Three green lights on.

Target Locked.

Three blue lights flash one by one, then all three flash once together.

Gesture Recognized.


E. NUGEN Camera Guidelines

This camera is equipped with artificial intelligence capabilities. Look at the AI-labeled small button on its back. You must press it for a few seconds to activate this feature. When turned on, it is worry-free. The camera will automatically zoom in or zoom out and follow the movement of the person presenting in front. The AI function of the camera is disabled when it is wide-angle mode and does not react to any movement.

If you need to report problems in the hybrid classroom, please access the chat button at the lower right of the screen.

When you submit your concern to Beni, don't forget to include your full name, assigned campus, room number, and issue/concern.

Ex. Juan Dela Cruz, Taft Campus, D403. The camera is not working

Rules of Engagement for Hybrid Classes

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