Future-proofing Borderless Benildean Education

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a major disruption in the field of education, forcing colleges and universities to quickly shift to fully online

instruction. Nearly every aspect of college life has been significantly altered, from admissions to enrollment and formation. With the abrupt

shift to remote learning comes threats to the effectiveness of learning delivery. These concerns extend to the financial future of higher

education institutions in a time of considerable financial instability. De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde has risen to these challenges

through assessment, strategic planning, and the establishment of a robust continuity plan.

Thriving Through Disruption

The College sees disruption as an opportunity to thrive as it formulates strategies to respond to challenges brought about by the pandemic. Beginning with a careful assessment of the impact of the pandemic in terms of academic learning loss as well as psycho-social impacts, the College has implemented Learning Recovery Strategies to close the learning gap and guide students back on track. Technology plays an important role in learning continuity, as it can accelerate the teaching and learning process, enable quality engagement, and amplify the effectiveness of an educator. The College has embraced future-proof education, with its faculty being empowered to reimagine education and harness innovative resources. Teachers undergo BeConnected training to help them transition and design learner-centered educational experiences, ultimately leading to more effective student learning. The College also goes beyond its own community and assists in the implementation of online learning of other schools in the country, staying true to its mission of service.

Driving Innovation in Vision

In order to address the impacts of the pandemic and transition Benilde into a 21st-century educational institution, the College proposes the Benilde of the Future Initiative. The initiative is inclusive, incorporating off-campus provisions and in-campus facilities to cater to as many students as possible, facing challenges with equipment, connectivity, physical space, and mental health as we adapt to the new world. The Benilde of the Future aggregates traditional and technological systems which are flexible enough to cater to different learners and learning styles.

Creating A Culture of Innovation in Benilde

“It’s all about providing the platforms where imagination can run free and creativity and innovation can happen.”

Angelo Marco Lacson
Vice Chancellor for Academics

Apple Technology Utilization

The Role of Apple Technology

Survey on the Adoption of Apple Devices and Apps 2022

Whether for learning or teaching, Appletechnology plays a significant role in Benilde’s borderless education. Majority of the Benildean community use Apple devices and applications as these are secure, efficient, and user-friendly.

Learning & Teaching

Future-proofing Borderless Benildean Education

Future-proofing Borderless Benildean Education means meeting the Benildean communitys current and future needs, whether these be technological, physical, mental, or emotional.

Building Applications for
the Future

The IOS Development Elective provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of IOS development, where students learn how to build apps to solve real-world problems using SWIFT Programming Language. The course equips students with a mastery of core concepts and practices of the Swift Programming Language as well as a basic fluency in Xcodes source and UI editors. Using the UIKit framework, students embark on an app design journey where they define, prototype, and test their own app idea.

Inclusive Learning for Persons with Disabilities

Innovative Learning Experiences Across Disabilities (ILEAD) is a technology integration project of Saint Brother Jaime Hilario Institute, Benilde Deaf School, and Tech Volunteers of DLS-CSB which aims to equip differently-abled students with critical thinking skills through coding using SWIFT Playgrounds. ILEAD adopts Apples comprehensive #EveryoneCanCode and #EveryoneCanCreate curriculum to allow students to develop content and prototypes to solve real-world challenges. Under ILEAD, students create photo albums, videos, digital stories, and app prototypes.

Supporting Teachers to Create Meaningful Learning Experiences

Learning and Teaching
with Technology

Compelling Evidence of Success

The College is accredited through the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities. Currently, Benilde has three programs with Level IV status, five programs with Level III status, and one program with Level II status from PAASCU. In 2019, Benilde was granted Autonomous status by CHED. CHED has also recognized Benilde as a Center of Excellence in Hotel and Restaurant Management and in Business Administration. In 2022, Benilde undertook its first international assessment with the ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance, which granted certifications to three programs. Through the Center for Faculty and Institutional Research, the College has ongoing projects in the areas of examination development, peer assessment, and learners assessment of teaching-learning and courseware in a hybrid environment. Under the Benilde X Globe Research Grant, ongoing projects include research on digital learning, eService-Learning pedagogies, and game-based learning as design thinking.

Continuous Innovation

The College will be offering new programs which respond to societys emerging needs. The School of Management and Information Technology now offers a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity, a program which focuses on the practical and theoretical aspects of cybersecurity across fundamental areas such as network security and vulnerability assessment, information security policy and governance, digital forensics, and ethical hacking. Graduates of the program will possess a solid grounding in conventional computer, network and cloud security concepts and skills that are designed to meet the changing landscape of secure computing. The School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies offers a Bachelor in Sign Language Interpreting, a program which equips students with the linguistic skills and cultural knowledge necessary to become professional sign language interpreters. Through a comprehensive curriculum in Filipino sign language development, linguistics, history, interpreting theories and techniques, as well as mentoring opportunities and field assignments in various interpreting areas and research, the program prepares its graduates to become not only language facilitators but cultural ambassadors between Deaf and hearing communities. Benilde is committed to continuous innovation in how the College harnesses technology as a tool to empower its teachers and learners.  As the College evolves, it stays true to its goal of delivering learner-centered education toward serving the greater community.

De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde | Apple Distinguished School 2022

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